Res Uni Rewinding Machine Q


The only All-In-One rewinding machine

The Maklaus RES-UNI automatic rewinder; Highly versatile for all production needs. Thanks to 20 years of experience in the stretch film rewinding industry, Maklaus has supplied more than 100 units worldwide.


This machine can be equipped with a wide range of accessories making the RES-UNI capable of producing:

- Mini-roll
- Finished rolls for automatic use
- Finished rolls for manual use
- Pre-stretched material

- Finished rolls without carboard cores
- Pre-cut material
- Material with Print - one-colour
- Perforated material

The unit’s dimensions are minimal, occupying only 4 square meters of production space.

The innovative ERS system can help reduce energy costs, while the rapid fully automated processing cycles make the process extremely efficient.

The multilingual touch screen interface allows the operator to set and control the production parameters, making the use of the machine accessible to all personnel.

All our machines are equipped with modems for remote assistance and are compatible with Industry 4.0.

917 Roll Prestirato

Pre-stretched finished rolls for automatic and manual use

The pre-stretch accessory can reach a maximum speed of 1000 meters per minute and pre-stretch material up to 300%.

916 Mini Roll

Mini roll production

The simultaneous rewinding and cutting accessory can produce multiple mini rolls.

The accessory is adaptable to standard formats found on the market and can be modified according to specific production and supply needs.

913 Hand Roll Stampato

Production of finished printed rolls

The 1- colour printing accessory for stretch film can run up to 450 m /min and is easily fitted to the Res-Uni.


Transversal pre-cut

Thanks to the rotating blade system, it is possible to pre-cut the material in the transverse direction to that of rewinding. Particularly suitable for processing cling film finished rolls for food.


Processing of cling film

All parts of the machine that are in direct contact with the stretch film will be supplied in suitable material for processing cling film.

918 Roll Senza Anima

Production of finished rolls without cardboard cores

An accessory to produce finished rolls without cardboard cores for automatic and manual use, also available for the production of mini rolls.


Imperial System

Max. rewinding speed4920 ft/min
Production cycle time15-17 sec (for 820 ft rolls)
Max. diameter of mother roll19"
Max. weight of mother roll183 lb
Max width of mother roll23.6"
Min. width of mother roll13,78" (option: 11,8")
Max. diameter of finished roll11"
Core diameter of mother roll3"
Internal diameter of standard finished roll2"
Options of internal diameter of finished rolls1 1/42" 1 3/16" - 1 1/4" - 1 1/2" - 1 21/32" - 3"
Material thickness0.197 mil - 1.9685 mil *depending on material quality
Installed power28 kW
Consumed power KWhca. 4 kWh (8 kWh with Prestretch)
Voltage400 V
Compressed air87 psi
Compressed air consumption60 Nl/min
DimensionsApprox. 5' 35" x 6' 17" x H 7' 35"
Weight2017 lb (2116 lb with prestretch predisposition)

Max. rewinding speed1500 meters per minute
Production cycle time15-17 seconds (for 250 mt rolls)
Max. diameter of mother roll480 mm
Max. weight of mother roll83 Kg
Max width of mother roll600 mm
Min. width of mother roll350 mm (option: 300 mm)
Max. diameter of finished roll280 mm
Core diameter of mother roll76 mm
Internal diameter of standard finished roll50 mm
Options of internal diameter of finished rolls26, 30, 32, 38, 42, 76 mm
Material thickness5 - 50 micron
Installed power28 kW
Consumed power KWhca. 4 kWh (8 kWh with Prestretch)
Voltage400 V
Compressed air6 bar
Compressed air consumption60 Nl/min
Dimensions1630 x1880 x H 2240 mm
Weight915 kg (960 kg with pre-stretch)