Res 08 Quadrata


The fastest on the market

The Maklaus RES-08 automatic rewinder, designed with innovation and simplicity is characterized by its extreme ease of use.

The RES-08 produces finished rolls for manual and automatic use, reaching a processing speed of up to 1700 m / min, giving this machine the title of the fastest rewinder on the market.

The RES-08 is produced with high quality components that derive from the experience gained over the years in manufacturing the RES-UNI; thus, making the machine safe and reliable. Production can take place in less than 4 square meters as the unit’s dimensions are extremely small and compact.

The innovative ERS system can reduce energy costs, while the rapid fully automated processing cycles make the rewinding process extremely efficient.

The multilingual touch screen interface can be used by all personnel, allowing the operator to select their desired language of choice and input production parameters and settings.

All our machines are equipped with modems for remote assistance and are compatible with Industry 4.0.


Production of cling film rolls


Production of manual rolls

919 Roll Uso Automatico

Production of automatic rolls

Imperial System

Max. rewinding speed5580 ft/min
Production cycle time13 sec (for 820 ft rolls)
Max. diameter of mother roll19"
Max. weight of mother roll183 lb
Max width of mother roll23,6"
Min. width of mother roll13,78" (option: 11,8")
Max. diameter of finished roll9,84"
Core diameter of mother roll3"
Internal diameter of standard finished roll2"
Options of internal diameter of finished rolls1 1/42" 1 3/16" - 1 1/4" - 1 1/2" - 1 21/32" - 3"
Material thickness0.197 mil - 1.9685 mil *depending on material quality
Installed power21 kW
Consumed power KWhca. 4 kWh
Voltage400 Vac
Compressed air87 psi
Compressed air consumption60 Nl/min
Dimensions4'56" x 5'51" x H 6,69"
Weight1620 lb ( 1720 lb incl. second motor)

Max. rewinding speed1700 meters per minute
Production cycle time13 seconds (for 250 mt rolls)
Max. diameter of mother roll480 mm
Max. weight of mother roll83 Kg
Max width of mother roll600 mm
Min. width of mother roll350 mm (option: 300 mm)
Max. diameter of finished roll250 mm
Core diameter of mother roll76 mm
Internal diameter of standard finished roll50 mm
Options of internal diameter of finished rolls26, 30, 32, 38, 42, 76 mm
Material thickness5 - 50 µm
Installed power21 kW
Consumed power KWhca. 4 kWh
Voltage400 Vac
Compressed air6 bar
Compressed air consumption60 Nl/min
Dimensions1390 x 1680 x H 2040
Weight735 kg (780 kg incl. second motor)