Maklaus is constantly engaged in research and development to improve its own rewinding machines for stretch film. Maklaus design all their own machines, founding principles on high production efficiency, ease of use, simple maintenance, along with low power consumption and versatility.


The cutting-edge and constantly evolving Maklaus rewinder units are built specifically for our customers’ needs and are structured for a market where demand often requires rapid changes.

The limited dimensions and minimal set-up time are the components on which we have worked on to offer you the best functional product!

Discover the Maklaus stretch film rewinders: RES UNI, the only automatic rewinder capable of processing stretch film at 360 °; and the RES 08 that runs at  1700 m / min : the fastest on the market.


The Maklaus printing machines are the latest generation of machinery that comply with customers’ production requirements and projects. They are easy to use and highly efficient units.

Discover the PMP-600 with very high colour printing capabilities and the PMM single colour printing unit for your RES UNI, that can customize finished products.