At Maklaus we develop our products so that they guarantee high performance and they can be easily integrated with existing production lines Our goal is to provide customers with suitable tools to produce precise holes at high running speeds with flexible materials such as plastic film, paper and coupled materials on a moving web.

MPU RGT SHP is Maklaus’ most flexible and compact solenoid-activated mechanical hole-punching unit. It allows to machine flexible materials moving at high speed, performing fully customizable hole patterns based on specific customer’s requests, even in difficult machining conditions.

MPU RGT SHP offers a solid self-supporting «C» frame structure, allowing great versatility in all applications, with high performances at affordable prices.

Technical Specs
Hole diameter2mm to 100mm*
Min. horizontal hole distance10mm*
Vertical hole distancecustomizable
Max. perforation frequency60Hz**
Max. material speed250m/min*
Max. material width400mm
Max. material thickness800μm**

*Depending on the type of punching unit installed and on the material to be processed
**Depending on machined material type and quality , hole pattern configuration set, temperature and humidity conditions of the production room.

Photocell for printed materials
Acoustic and protective shield

Machinery Options
Round holes
Special holes (euro hole, handles, butterfly holes, ecc.)
Pre cuts for easy openings
Customized holes and shapes with different diameter

Answering customers requests in the simplest way possible, the MPU RGT SHP is a modular structure where a variety of holes/shapes can be set up using the same exact structure.

Exploiting MHD technology (Multi-Hole Diameter), Maklaus’ punching units can make several holes with different diameters and shapes with the same punching tools, offering customers an extensive variety of machining solutions with a limited amount of spare parts.