Maklaus Macro-perforators offer the possibility of making round holes with a diameter from 2 to 100 mm, special holes and pre-cuts of customized shape and size on thicknesses up to 800 microns.


Perfectly integrated into all types of production lines, the Maklaus macro-perforators are based on the action of the hammer that are powered by compressed air and are controlled by a high-performance plc. The hammer beats on a calibrated matrix that can obtain holes from 2 to 100 mm in diameter or shaped holes such as European holes or handle shaped holes for bags. Our years of experience has led us to offer different types of structures, electronics control systems and different type of punching head solutions to satisfy the most varied needs and requests by our customers in terms of performance and budget.

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Maklaus offers a wide range of standard solutions (handle cut holes, European holes, triangle shapes, etc.) suitable for making holes or shaped windows of different shapes and sizes. We realize also special customized shapes

Foro Sagomato


There are many applications for perforated plastic film. Here it is possible to choose the most suitable machine, according to the required applications.

Maklaus will advise and taylor each punching unit, making it suitable to specific production requirements. The result is a punching unit in which each component is specified to cover all applications subsequently required by the customer.


Flowers and plants packaging
Punching on bags for flowers and plants
Bags for grapesPunching on bags for flowers and plants
Banana BagsPerforated bags for the protection of bananas from insects during cultivation
Film for mushroomsPerforated bags for the protection of bananas from insects during cultivation
Mulching filmGround cover film with holes for precise plant placement

Apples Packaging
Ventilation holes on LDPE bags for the extraction of humidity
Hole for straw
Holes for inserting straws in rigid beverage packages
Bags for potatoes
Ventilation holes on LDPE bags for the extraction of humidity
Bags for shells
Holes for water and gel drainage
Film production
Ventilation holes for fresh vegetables and herbs
Cover for wooden boxes
Perforated sheets for the passage of water
Cover for cardboard boxes
Sheets having a large quantity of holes to leave the product visible
Wrapping paper with constant distance punching
Film production
Ventilation holes for fresh vegetables and herbs

Bags for toysBreathable holes to avoid suffocation
Retractable filmBreathable holes on thick LDPE film for the protection of pallets
Trash bagsBreathable holes on large garbage bags into which 3-4 smaller bags are inserted
Thermal insulation
Anchor holes on polyester sheets for underfloor heating
Soil packaging
Holes for perspiration on LDPE for packing soil
Electrical and electronic material packaging
Holes on foam for ventilation
By perforating breathable material, the waste itself is collected and used as a filter
Signs and signals
Holes for reducing air resistance of signs
Creation of handles on bags
Hole for hanging
Punching for hanging bags in displays
Stand up bags
Punching to facilitate welding of the stand up base
Bags with drawstring closure
Punching for the accommodation of laces for closing bags
Anchored curtains
Anchor holes usually accompanied by riveting tools
Recognition holes
For marking defective products or any other type of marking


It is possible to add additional accessories to the punching units but these items are not strickly related to the functioning of the machine. However, they are highly recommended for a better operation.

Insonorizzazione Mpu Maklaus


Punching units tend to generate intermittent noise and by fitting an acoustic cage, this will help reduce both noise emissions, while offering futher protection for the punching unit against dirt or other forms of contamination.

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The trolley is reccomended if you will need to move the punching unit. The equipment is made according to the customer's needs and can also include the acoustic cage.