Maklaus Slide Home Laser

We are constantly researching new technologies that are capable of satisfying the continuous evolving market. This has led Maklaus to develop a new CO2 Laser system designed to realize complex machining operations, ensuring minimum maintenance costs.

Maklaus Slide Home Laser

The technical experience acquired over the years has made it possible to develop hybrid solutions that allow the simultaneous installation of traditional-mechanical perforating units and CO2 laser systems as one operational structure. The laser system is designed to cover the entire range of hole diameters from 0.1 to 100mm. The CO2 Laser system can be installed on new and also existing production lines.

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Is coproduced with laser sources that reach up to 100 W, can create holes from 90 microns and can obtain one or more lines of micro-holes.

The system is generally used in IV and V production packaging ranges, to increase the shelf life of washed packaged fruit and vegetables, or ready to cook frozen bag food bags.


The Laser unit can be equipped with a vision system that can read a running speed above 250 m/min and monitor the quality of the holes required for each application. The system can detect and read varied/non conform tolerance values; it will automatically adjust the production parameters and return to the predetermined range.

This ensures extraordinary levels of efficiency, minimizing downtime. The Laser system can be easily converted to produce pre-cut or scoring holes and perforations, meaning it can be integrated on existing host bag machines that produce packaging with easy opening/tears.


Pre-cutPre-cut of the film in longitudinal and transversal direction to facilitate tearingIndustry
Easy OpenReduction in the thickness of the material along a defined guidelineIndustry
Precise HolesSharp and precise punchingIndustry
Shaped FormsShaped cutsIndustry
Food PackagingMicro-perforation for food packaging to keep freshness and fragrances by controlled perspirationFood
Food PackagingMicro-perforation for food packaging for microwave cooking, in order to ensure steam release and avoid the breaking of the packagingFood