Since 1995 Rewinders, Perforators and Printing Machines

Maklaus manufactures machines for processing stretch film and perforating materials on a moving film. Our
company was born with the desire to design intuitive and easy to maintain machines, incorporating high efficiency and high productivity.

The constant research and development activities maintain the daily commitment and devotion in improving existing products and innovative new technologies to satisfy the demands of a prospering market.

Our philosophy has always been based on the customization of the product. It is based on the specific needs of each individual customer, combined with high quality components; our technicians are always available to design innovative solutions in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.

Our research and development departments can test different types of materials. We are always happy to try new materials both in the presence of the customer and by documenting the results of each test with videos and reports. This is to ensure that our customers can have a small sample of the material that demonstrates what can be produced as a final product with our machinery and prior to delivery of the unit.

Our customer service departments are always available for remote connection to the units when required and available to assist with the rapid supply of spare parts.