If you rewind stretch film or food-grade material and are looking for a tool to optimize both your production and quality control processes, then the new indexing table with integrated weighing option is what you are looking for. 

Available both for RES-UNI and RES-08, the new system will boost your productivity.

Main Functions of the Weighing Table

The new indexing table with integrated weighing option for Maklaus’ RES automatic rewinding machines carries out two key functions that significantly improve production efficiency and accuracy:

  • Finished-rolls Weighing - The indexing table with weighing option weighs each of the rolls produced during rewinding and communicates the detected weight to the machine. The measured weight is saved and compared with the weight set by the operator. In case of discrepancies out of tolerance, the machine will automatically adjust the settings to obtain the required weight on the following rolls. This ensures that each roll meets the weight standards required for the order.


  • Finished-rolls Collection - The indexing table with integrated weighing option collects the produced rolls, allowing the operator to quickly proceed to boxing without interruptions or slowdowns in the rewinding process.

Benefits and Advantages

  • Production Monitoring Thanks to the weighing of all produced rolls, complete production control can be ensured.


  • Automatic Weight Correction When connected to the indexing table with weighing option, RES range rewinders are capable of automatically correcting the amount of material to be rewound to obtain rolls of the preset weight.


  • Anomaly Reporting If the scale detects a weight outside the set tolerance value, the machine automatically stops and alerts the operator of the anomaly with audible and visual signals, allowing for immediate intervention.


  • Quality Assurance Thanks to native Industry 4.0 software, data collected during production are recorded and saved within job-order files, ensuring traceability and consistency of produced batches.


  • Dedicated Dashboard When the indexing table is connected to the rewinder, the main screen is enriched with a counter for displaying the measured weight. Additionally, a convenient display on the table allows for quicker control during processing.


  • Spacious Collection Table The indexing table is designed to collect all sizes of finished rolls that can be produced with RES automatic rewinders. It is solid and made of high-quality materials. The practical edge prevents rolls from falling when production accumulates on the table.


  • Integrated Storage The convenient lower shelf allows for storage of tools and other essential materials for the production process, keeping the work area neat and organized.


The weighing table for the RES automatic rewinding range is an essential accessory for Companies looking to improve the quality standards of their stretch film or food-grade film processing system. With its advanced features and numerous benefits, this innovative device will help you optimize the production process and achieve new levels of competitiveness. 

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