We are pleased to announce that, starting from July 2022, by obtaining the certification of good” Industry 4.0 ready”, our rewinders model RES-UNI and RES-08 are taking a further step towards the future.

One of the main characteristics of our rewinders has always been their sophisticated embedded technology, which is continuosly in update to guarantee the user constantly increasing ease of use, high production flexibility and, mostly, the integration of our machines with companies’ manufacturing processes.

Our choice to offer a technologically advanced product, easily integrable with most companies’ management systems, focuses on the trend of the stretch film industry towards accurate data collection and management. These are, in fact, fundamental factors for the optimization of business decision-making processes.

The Industry 4.0 software of the Maklaus RES-UNI and RES-08 rewinders is able to receive multiple job orders, to automatically set the working parameters of the machine during job processing, to record and save all production data by job. These features allow to simplify both the work programming phase and data collection.

Another central feature of the Industry 4.0 software is the function of remote access to the machine, which enables Maklaus to perform diagnostics and maintenance through remote technical assistance, speeding up the intervention time and minimizing any downtime.


At the end of the Industry 4.0 software development path, we submitted the final result to the evaluation of the AMAPLAST experts (Italian Plastics and Rubber Processing Machinery Association) who, after a careful analysis, have conferred the certification of compliance with all “Industry 4.0 Ready” requirements, determining therefore, the possibility to integrate the rewinders in our customers’ company informative system.

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