Tailor Made perforation solution

Maklaus is a company that develops highly technological products designed to perfectly fit in line with customers’ production needs and requests.
Our company manufactures machinery for the processing of packaging products, in a field where it has achieved and gained experience through over 25 years of product development.

The most sold products are rewinders for stretch film machining and pneumatic perforators for producing holes on flexible materials at a high speed on a moving web.
Based on our experience, customers from all over the world do not hesitate to contact us for requesting completely tailor-made solutions to fulfill their needs in terms of production, especially when they require an application or machine that is not available as a standard solution on the market.

A clear example is the case of our customer GL, a company active both in the Italian and international packaging markets.
GL had to implement a perforating process by mounting one of our systems on its latest installed production line as they had to provide their final customer with the exact finished product. This production line though, had not been designed to implement or mount such kind of perforation system and the very low production spaces did not allow to spread the line apart and insert the system in between.
Due to the complexity of the task, GL asked us to evaluate the feasibility of the project before taking any other steps.

At Maklaus, we believe in continuous innovation and look forward to these kinds of challenges: basing on the excellent results of the test performed with our perforation system on the customer’s materials during the preliminary phase that took place at our laboratories, we accepted GL’s request and immediately got to work.
The first site inspections helped us to focus both on the will to provide the customer with an effective solution and on the awareness of facing a very delicate technical task, due to the peculiar collocation and layout of the customers’ existing line.

After collecting all the necessary information to have a clear picture of what had to be done, we built a diagram to include all the variables in a single document: the customer needed a top performance perforation system, able to reaTailor Made perforation solutionch very highspeeds of material processing and completely configurable hole-patterns side (typical features of our macroprerforating systems MPU RGT DS ROT); at the same time, the available space to insert our machine was so tight, that it barely allowed us to install our compact structure designed for certain applications with minimal spaces (such as our MPU RGT SS perforation system or even the super compact MPU RGT SHP side unit).
Other requests were that the system had to be equipped with the optional protective shield – acoustic cage and with the suction unit system for bid collection.

Let’s get down to business.
To provide proper resources in terms of design and development, Maklaus’ R&D Team temporarily converged into the Design Office, thanks to the very flexible organization that has always characterised our company.

Our Design Team evaluated a few different layouts and set ups, proceeding by excluding the less performing technical solutions before outlining the ultimate one. The process revealed to be complex and tricky, as the team had to fulfill all the requests made by the customer highlighted in the diagram and also to respect the deadline set for the project.
It was our Team’s change of pTailor Made perforation solutionerspective that allowed the development of such a smart solution, summarizing all the customer requests into arevolutionary machine: previousMaklaus technologies taken one by one could provide partial answer to the quest, but none could be resolutive.

For this reason, our Design Team suggested to combine different technologies into a new machine that was compact and highly performing, swapping the concept of “bridge structure” with a more functional “C-frame” reinforced structure that could perfectly fit in the available space of the customer’s line. Moreover, to respect Maklaus reliability standards, the system was reinforced to be able to endure heavy duty usage on a daily basis.

The whole structure was then provided with a quick release feature allowing a fast installation/removal process on the customers line: this way our machine could be quickly divided into two parts, offering the chance to perform a “graft” onto the host-machine whenever needed, with no issues related to the exiguous spaces available at the cusTailor Made perforation solutiontomers production site.

Even if the ultimate solution was very ambitious, it was successful. We installed the perforation system, linked it to the customers host-machine, and ran the first test: our machine worked well, even exceeding the expectation in terms of performances and reliability.
Thanks to the trust GL had in our expertise, and its involvement with the project, we were able to develop and manufacture a solution that was completely based on the customers’ needs, innovating a productive process that was considered as rigid. This allowed us to supply a product that fulfilled all the expectations and put our costumer in an advantageous position, widening its range of achievable products with no need of further investments.

GL’s case is just an example of how Maklaus can help its customers providing the proper tailor-made solution for every need. We always look forward to sharing new projects with our customers, as we believe that hard tasks and difficult requests are the best chance at professional growth both for Maklaus and our customers.


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