Pre-cut Sheets Mulching


Sheet mulching has played a fundamental role in revolutionising agricultural techniques: the procedure of covering soil with a layer of material has resulted in several advantages, which range from avoiding weed growth, to maintaining the right soil moisture levels and shielding soil against unwanted compaction.    With the introduction of plastic materials substituting traditional organic materials in sheet mulching, another step forward has been made in terms of performances: plastic mulching films are easier to lay down and offer better covering features, as they allow growers to regulate solar radiation, temperature, and humidity beneath the covering layer.

On the other hand, using plastic materials means more attention is requested at the end of each growing cycle, as non-organic materials need to be carefully removed from the soil before another cultivation cycle is set up. The prolonged exposure to UV rays and severe weather conditions deteriorates the mulching sheets, which lose their elasticity and tend to tear apart during the removal process, making it difficult to treat the soil without dispersing plastic into the environment.

Pre-cut Sheets Mulching

Maklaus provides a simple and efficient solution to this situation: the longitudinal pre-cut system by Maklaus to process films for sheet mulching. This application consists in pre-cutting the sheets across their centreline, resulting in an easy-tear removing system that in no way affects mulching properties of the material. The pre-cut dashed-slit line allows the two halves to separate correctly and makes the sheets removal easier and quicker, reducing costs involved in preparing the soil for the next growth cycle.

The longitudinal pre-cut system by Maklaus is compatible with all the Maklaus MPU Perforator Units, from MPU DS (top of the range model) to MPU 2RGT (specific for agricultural use). It is completely adjustable to fit different production needs and configure several pre-cut dashed patterns with a single tool. It is designed to be integrated within the punching systems and can perform several processes in a single passage, thus increasing production volumes obtained in the same amount of time.

High quality materials are used to build Maklaus’ machinery and the 25-year-long experience in developing solutions for processing plastic materials guarantees top of the market standards and reliability, along with low maintenance and service costs.

The longitudinal pre-cut system by Maklaus is available as an optional mounted on new perforating units or can be sold separately for applications on existing machines. It can be used for several processes in different sectors.

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