anti-vibration system


Improving our business by pursuing the idea of ​​an excellent product. This is how Maklaus works every day, developing its own rewinders for the processing of stretch film and subjecting them to continuous tests and work cycles under maximum work load conditions, seeking innovative solutions to provide its customers with highly performing tools, that are able to anticipate the demands of a constantly evolving market.

CEO Marco Stucchi talks about the importance of performances in this peculiar field: “by increasing the rewinding speed of our machines we can reduce the processing times, lowering production costs, giving customers a competitive advantage that is fundamental in today’s market. On the other hand, mechanical components in order to work under higher production capacities, which often involve excessive vibrations and negatively affect the wear of the machine and the quality of the finished product."

By introducing the new pneumo-hydraulic rewinding system, Maklaus has lifted the performance benchmark of its machines: RES-UNI (flagship unit) and RES-08 (solid and performing product for those who wish to enter this sector, maintaining costs).

The traditional rewinding system, is composed with pneumatic pistons with low friction sliding and PLC programmable precision sensors, offering an excellent performance for 10 kg finished rolls. However, the packaging market is moving towards even greater volumes, shifting converters expectations towards new formats for "jumbo" rolls, which can weigh double the amount compared to standard traditional ones.

anti-vibration system“The continuous requests from the market moving towards the use of heavier jumbos that often weigh more than 20kg, has given us the opportunity to take advantage of our twenty years plus experience in producing machines and demonstrate once again Maklaus' technical expertise. " - continues the CEO - "As the weight and diameter of the roll increase during the rewinding cycle, more vibrations arise, forcing our customers to lower rewinding speeds in order to obtain a conform product, hence increasing production costs.”.

The analysis of the characteristics necessary to balance the moving masses and the study of a solution compatible with the current design of the Maklaus rewinders, have allowed us to develop an integrated retrofit solution: these are new arms with pneumo-hydraulic anti-vibration system that allows to process heavy jumbos that weigh up to 20kg reaching a record rewinding speed of 1,700 meters per minute, while maintaining the quality of the finished product.

The concept is very simple: superior performance without sacrificing the compactness and reliability of Maklaus’ products. This is where the new mechanical arm rewinding system with hybrid air/oil actuator was born, exploiting the traditional speed of the pneumatic system, combined with the greater resistance in carrying heavier loads typical of hydraulic actuators.

The new Maklaus pneumo-hydraulic anti-vibration system is available as an optional kit and is compatible with the RES-08 and RES-UNI models.

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