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Punching units

Making round or shaped holes on a moving web is very important for the efficiency of production time. Constant research and development enabled Maklaus to improve its technology in both macro-perforation, micro-perforation and laser perforation, leading to  hole cuts of great quality and precision on high speed moving webs, such as plastic film and paper.

The punching unit is mainly an accessory which can be integrated with automated production lines, including slitters, extruders, bag making machines and laminators. The great advantage of Maklaus punching machines is the flexibility to customize the whole machine, choosing each feature according to production needs.

Maklaus punching units allow punching on moving webs for round holes with a diameter from 0,8 mm up to 120 mm, and also special holes and pre-cuts customized shapes and sizes, up to a thickness of 800 microns.

The most common applications are handles for bags, euroslot holes, laser micro-perforation, cuts and pre-cuts.

Each punching unit is made up of:

  • supporting structure: basic equipment on which the single punches are placed. Each structure is made to fit the working width and material to be processed;
  • punches: defined according to the kind and thickness of the material. These also define the shape and size of the hole. It is possible to make round holes starting with a diameter of 0,8 mm up to 120 mm; 
  • electronic control: from a very simple control box to a more comprehensive control incorporating 10" touch-screen.

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