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Maklaus is now offering the new Coreless accessory for the RES-UNI rewinding machine.

The Coreless adapts to new and old models of the RES-UNI and was developed as an adapting accessory to help the customer have a more versatile machine. The coreless accessory saves on investing and purchasing a new complete machine, which is able to make only one kind of product. 


The coreless technology eliminates the need to use paper cores for stretch and pre-stretch film rolls.It will not only reduce the amount of paper being utilized in the world today, but will also save customers and consumers on unnecessary paper recycling costs.


- adapts to the RES-UNI rewinder

- allows to produce every type of format required by the market 

- improves working conditions when applying film - manually or by machine

- does not endanger the RES-UNI machine productivity

- saves the environment and money

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