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Maklaus is leading company in both design and manufacture of machinery for the processing of stretch film and for the punching of moving web. It was born with the desire to design user-friendly and easy to maintain machines, incorporating high efficiency and high productivity.

Constant research and development activities keep the company busy on a daily basis in order to improve and to develop new technologies and new machines. Based on experience developed over the years, Maklaus now offer a wide range of products suitable to satisfy the different needs of the customers and market.

The value that has always characterized Maklaus' philosophy is the customization of the product to satisfy each and every single need of the customer. Maklaus start from the analysis of the final needs, then by customized studying and designing process, this brings about achievement of effective and efficient solutions.

Today Maklaus offers a wide range of products used in industrial, agricultural and food sectors. Maklaus is proud to be considered the landmark partner for punching units and perforators for moving web, both plastic and paper. It offers mechanical solutions for the perforation and cut of hole of different sizes and shapes (round holes, shaped holes, handles, etc.); laser perforation systems (micro-perforation, pre-cuts, scoring, etc.) and hot and cold micro-perforation systems.

The machinery for the processing of stretch film include fully automatic rewinders for stretch film, pre-stretch film and cling film and printing machines (1-4 colours).

The success of these machines is due to their high productivity, reliability and simplicity of use.

Perfect to satisfy the needs of the small converters and also of big film producers, the Maklaus rewinders are able to produce stretch and pre-stretch film rolls for any market segment: hand rolls, machine rolls, mini-rolls with or without extended core, soft winding rolls, cling film rolls, coreless rolls.

The printing machine has been specifically developed to print on stretch film up to 4 colours at a maximum speed of 250/300 meters per minute.

The great characteristics of this machine is the ability to print and rewind finished rolls in a single step.

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